The upcoming 2018 International Conference on Clinical Neurotechnologies and Healthy Aging (CNT 2018) will be held from June 25th – 27th in Tübingen, Germany.

The 1st German-Israeli Conference on Clinical Neurotechnologies and Healthy Aging will gather world-renown experts from leading research institutes and hospitals in South Germany and Israel to address current topics in this fast-growing and dynamic field.

Besides providing a platform for exchange of thoughts, the conference aims at initiating new collaborations between Germany and Israel, and building the grounds to deliver new medical technology applications through founding and funding a start-up.

Keynote Speakers:

Niels Birbaumer
University of Tübingen &
Wyss Center for Bio- and Neuroengineering

Ad Aertsen
University of Freiburg & Bernstein Center

Hagai Bergmann
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Edward Stern
Bar Ilan University

Talma Hendler 
Tel Aviv University

Abraham Zangen
Ben-Gurion University

Special Lectures:

Ulf Ziemann
University of Tübingen
Nir Grossmann
Imperial College London
Nitzan Censor
Tel Aviv University
Martin Walter
University of Tübingen
Christine von Arnim
University of Ulm
Gerhard Eschweiler
University of Tübingen
Yossi Mandel
Bar-Ilan University
Jochen Klucken
University of Erlangen
Eberhart Zrenner
University of Tübingen

Start-Up / Industry:

Christoph Zrenner
MEDTECH Startup-School Tübingen
Lukas Radwan
Technology Transfer / University of Tübingen
Eliana Garcia Cossio 
NeuroCare (Germany)
Thorsten Zander
BrainProducts (Germany)
Imad Younis
Alpha Omega (Israel)

Conference Chairs: 

Surjo R. Soekadar
University Hospital of Tübingen
Gunnar Grah 
Baden-Württemberg International

The CNT2018 is organized by the following institutions:

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Stiftung für Medizininnovationen